More>Than>Human Spatialities

CODED.GEOMETRY/L3N1N – Hacking and listening to 5G machine2machine communications

Digital technology is converging with the physical space of the city, constructing a material infrastructure of cables that feed an invisible infrastructure of wireless signals, connecting a multitude of digital devices. The relationship between digital technology and the city is a complex, more-than-human interaction which has expanded not just the space of the city but what the space of the city is. More-than-human spatialities of technical objects relate to one another outside of human consciousness. Machine-to-machine interaction hidden within black-boxed technologies sink into the background of human perception, creating atmospheres beyond their technical function. These atmospheres are real moments of space-time with the capacity to shape the conduct of both humans and non-humans. More-than-human spatialities decentre the human perspectives of space, exposing the multiple complex of actors involved in the production of the digitally expanded city.

CODED.GEOMETRY/L3N1N – 5G mobile signal

At the 5th international, interdisciplinary Affect and Social Media Conference and Sensorium Art Show, John Wild will carry out a live performative exploration of more-than-human spatialities. (Friday 26th June – 12.35-13.25 – Room US G19 ).

A&SM#5 International Conference and Sensorium Art Show

25-26th June 2020

University of East London, Stratford Venue USS Building.

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