John Wild

Machinic Dreamings

Machinic Dreamings of Limehouse Foreshore

Over the last year, I have been researching the Limehouse foreshore as part of a SPACE Art & Technology residency. My research focuses on the Limehouse Foreshore just below the towers of Canary Wharf. It brings together multiple conflicting systems: the tides of the Thames, machine learning algorithms used for high-speed trading, the growth patterns of green algae and electrical signals produced by the brain while daydreaming.


Art + Tech Residency Showcase

Launching: Thu 4 Mar, 12pm GMT

4 – 19 Mar 2021

An online group show by the SPACE Art + Tech residency artists, looking at how the act of play can inspire artistic processes. The work considers how gamification and gamified experiences can affect our environment, identities and relationships towards ourselves and each other.