John Wild


In the last days of neo-liberalism

Photo-essay documenting a drift through the neo-liberal academy.


Travelodge Easter Mass

Competing images overlaid each other: sections disintegrating into psychedelic digital interference. The channel was undecipherable in any conventional sense, yet somehow compelling. Broken fragments of religious iconography, a cross in the centre, a close up of burning candles, the outline of a figure in ceremonial robes, features morphing in a process of RGB fractal degeneration, geometric disturbances punctured organic forms and revealed a gathered congregation. Fragmented Images obscured the reading of a coherent totality, yet the interference reconstituted pieces into alluring sequences, producing a new whole, possibly a new religion.


Seeing Like an Estate

We drifted estates with our AV receiver auto scanning frequencies, hacking signals from CCTV, punctuating our walk with fugitive images of usually inaccessible viewpoints in an attempt to see like an estate.


Digital Decomposition of 10 Ruston Close

An image of 10 Rushton Close - a house buried by traumatic events - is decomposing. Over a period of 3 weeks a photograph of 10 Ruston Close, formally 10 Rillington Place, will be both projected at Great Western Studios and available online at Each time the image is viewed, either online or within the space, a single pixel will be destroyed and it will be recompressed in the jpeg format causing the image to decompose.