John Wild

Experimental COMmunity RADIO

15:00 GMT


EXperimental COMmunity Radio –>> This meta-program will start with a brief overview on Pirate Radios, Campus and Community Radios, the transition and contamination between airwaves and the Internet, discussing pioneering experiences of diy radio made with minimalistic resources and the fusion of old and new media. Radio as a space for forming communities and enacting political activism, the creation of experimental music and the introduction of the Internet enabling other forms of participation and the creation of intimate dislocated spaces. The discussion will be punctuated by invited guests and passersby.
 Host: Eleonora Oreggia // xname >> radioubique Guests: Rafael Diniz, Rhizomatica / University of Brasilia, BR & John Wild, Coded Geometry / RCA, UK
MORE TBC We’re looking forward to ‘hear’ from you and meet you on our audio-visual waves! Tune in soon!


More>Than>Human Spatialities

25-26th June 2020

University of East London, Stratford Venue USS Building.

At the 5th international, interdisciplinary Affect and Social Media Conference and Sensorium Art Show, John Wild will carry out a live performative exploration of more-than-human spatialities.


Psychogeography in the Digital City

10.30 – 13.00

6 March 2020

Room A002 Central Saint Martins King’s Cross Granary Square London N1C 4AA

John Wild will present his research, Psychogeography in the Digital City, which investigates the spatial impact of new circuits of digitality on the felt experience of the urban environment.


Dark Fibre Network – Drift


Sunday 27 October

Chrisp Street Market, E14 6AQ

John Wild will lead a Dark Fibre Network Drift –walking the route of underground fibre-optic cables linking seven of the core data centres that form the London Internet Exchange.


Digital Ecologies II: Fiction Machines

09:30 - 18:00

Tuesday 16th July 2019; 09:30 - 18:00

Bath Spa University, Newton Park

The Centre for Media Research at Bath Spa University is proud to host the second Digital Ecologies symposium: Fiction Machines and it will take place on Tuesday July 16th 2019.


In Search of The Digitally Expanded City

Wednesday 10 to Friday 12 April 2019

How does it feel to walk the streets of London when the city has been expanded by technologies that blur the boundary between the physical world and the digital realm, between physical objects and their representations in the digital field as data?


Bawdesy: A Hauntology of Technical Objects

14:00 - 22:30

Sunday 22nd April 2018

The Loft, McGintys, 15 Northgate St, Ipswich IP1 3BY

At NOISE=NOISE :: N-RESPONSE John Wild will perform a live mix of field recordings of radar and other electromagnetic transmissions recorded around Bawdesy and on a boat trip up the River Alde, Suffolk.


Are You Ready?


Saturday 17 June 2017

Museum of London (The terrace rooms)

An evening of readings and sound works at the Museum of London With guest performances from Travis Elborough, Kayo Chingonyi and John Wild, this event will explore questions of memory, place and movement as the museum prepares to move to its new home in West Smithfields.


Alpha, Isis, Eden : Listening event

3:30 - 8:00 pm

Saturday 4 March 2017,

The Showroom 63 Penfold Street London NW8 8PQ

John Wild will present two sound compositions from the CODED GEOMETRY archive as part of the Alpha, Isis, Eden exhibition at The Showroom Gallery.


Mediating Environments

Opens Thursday 3rd November 6-9pm. Exhibition continues until Wednesday 23 November

John Wild will be performing at 7.30pm on the opening night

The world beyond the confines of our body is intimately connected to our actions – as much cultural artefact as something wild and other, ‘out there’ – nature and techne vitally expressed through our lives and creations. We continually feed into and are moulded by an interminable flux of co-creative relationships and cycles, reflexive actors who fall in and out of sync with innumerable collectives and circumstances. How we perceive these complex ecologies and the meanings we derive from what we do within them, frames our worldview, subtly affecting how we are subsumed by social fields and evolutionary flows. In this time of accelerating change and spiritual transformation can we come to terms with our uncertain predicament? How to navigate the indescribable, manifold environments in which we are embedded?


Even Salon: Either/Or 

April 30th 2016 7:30 pm (’til late!)

Apiary Studios, Hackney.

In Either/Or the principle of exclusivity undergoes détournement by a diverse range of invited participants. Either celebrate its brutal 2-state logic cutting across a stacked earth, or contest such sovereignty in precipitating each uncanny flip or flop glimpsed struggling against its slitted foreclosure. KISS!! In an evening of unemployable expenditure, from the trauma of the binary to its ontic co-constituency, Either/Or includes talks and performances


Searching for the Cloud

10 am

Monday 25th January 2016

Curry Hut, Unit 10, The Arcade, Chrisp street market, Poplar, London, E14 6AQ

<<< Searching For The Cloud >>>


sensingsite 2014

23 April 2014

Lethaby Gallery Central Saint Martins

Humans are widely assumed not to have a magnetic sense…However, there is consistent evidence of an influence of geomagnetic fields on the light sensitivity of the human visual system. Moreover, it has been proposed recently that light-sensitive magnetic responses are not only used for directional information, but may also aid visual spatial perception in mammals, by providing a spherical coordinate system for integrating spatial position. (Foley, Gegear & Reppert: 21 June 2011)


Searching for a Psychometric Lover


A 3-week residency at the Royal College of Art that explored peoples willingness to hand over their most personal and intimate sexual desires and fantasies to an anonymous online service.