John Wild


The Network

As part of the mediating environments exhibition, John Wild will be transforming the gallery space into a dysfunctional network of devices, creating an invisible geography of wireless communications, as devices try and fail to establish contact, calling out to each other through unanswered electromagnetic signals.


High Rise Beacon

A morse signal light was situated near the top of a 27-storey brutalist housing block in Poplar, East London. Real-time “lonely” tweets, twitter expressions of loneliness and isolation, were extracted from twitter and rebroadcast in Morse code from the signal light.


Digital Decomposition of 10 Ruston Close

An image of 10 Rushton Close - a house buried by traumatic events - is decomposing. Over a period of 3 weeks a photograph of 10 Ruston Close, formally 10 Rillington Place, will be both projected at Great Western Studios and available online at Each time the image is viewed, either online or within the space, a single pixel will be destroyed and it will be recompressed in the jpeg format causing the image to decompose.