Wild Flower Meadow


Leaving the benches, the green hoardings and the stale smell of piss that hangs in the air over this corner, I head into London Fields and the newly planted Wild Flower Meadow. I walk along one of the mud paths that form a small network through the wild flowers. The flowers are in bloom casting an array of colour. Corncockles, poppies, Japanese anemones, oxeye daisys and a mix of wild grasses, gently sway in the wind. Insects are in abundance. A wild eyed but serious man in his early 20s with an incredibly tall body, that seams to bend far too much as he walks, stops to talk to me. ‘Ey! Av you noticed there’s no bees? …But there’s loads of wasps… These flowers are been pollinated by WASPS! ..Nature is cleaver like that. Upset the balance and it finds another way’. I nod politely in agreement contemplating the disappearance of the bees. Over the summer there has been local campaigns against the use of the weedkiller glyphosate on the meadow. I feel a heavy bleakness sink within my body. Hackneys middleclass are passionate about the environment but don’t give a fuck about the economic poison currently eradicating working class people from the borough. Glyphosate cleanses the ground of undesirable flora, making space for newly planted wild flowers to bloom on this faux meadow. London is in the centre of an economic centrifugal force violently spewing the working class, immigrants and the poor out of the inner zones and into the periphery. The free market deteritorialises space uprooting and ordering territories in a reflection of its own inner dynamics. The enemy here is an invisible force active in the city. Only the symptoms are visible, the new high rise penthouses under development on the sites of recently cleared social housing, surrounded by hoardings displaying images of the future residents of the cleansed inner zone, the excessive growth of estate agents and new coffee shops and of course the hipsters with their beards and 5 pound a bowl of breakfast cereal desperately trying to mimic the already dead lives of those future residents displayed on the hoardings. Caps on housing benefit, the on going destruction of social housing and the slackening of requirement for new developments to contributions to building affordable housing are weakening any economic counter forces, but some pockets of resistance have being gathering, raising demands of No Poor Doors! No to Social Segregation! Reclaim Hackney! STOP CLASS CLEANSING!

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