Alpha, Isis, Eden : Listening event

Coded Geometry :: Robin Hood Gardens - ANTI-GENTRIFICATION GHOST DANCE

Saturday 4 March 2017,
with a prompt start at 4pm

The Showroom
63 Penfold Street
London NW8 8PQ

As part of Laura Oldfield Ford : Alpha, Isis, Eden exhibition at The Showroom Gallery, John Wild will present two sound compositions from the CODED GEOMETRY archive. The first, ‘Drone Planes Over Westfield’, explores the paranoia that surrounded the London Olympics, as anti aircraft missiles were stationed on the top of East London tower blocks. The second, “Robin Hood Gardens – ANTI-GENTRIFICATION GHOST DANCE’ , was produced through field recordings of electro-magnetic emissions recorded on a drift around the estate as compulsory purchase orders were being enforced, slowly clearing the estate. This piece represents a brutalist record of one moment in the ongoing clearances hallucinated as an insurrectionary carnival of resistance.

Robin Hood Gardens compulsory purchase order

Full event text

Laura Oldfield Ford has invited a group of artists, writers, theorists, musicians, activists and other practitioners including Majed Aslam, Janina Lange, Jack Latham, Frances Morgan, Fay Nicolson, Francesca Panetta and John Wild to participate in a collective listening and discussion event that responds to the auditory textures of the city, crossing between the sonic and the spatial. The event will also feature a 2015 audio work by the late cultural theorist Mark Fisher.

By exploring the politics of sound, sound essays, thinking about the liminal, thresholds, conduits and crossings, Oldfield Ford is interested in how people negotiate the psychic terrain of the city. Themes that the event touches upon are forensic architecture; sound as assertion of territory and as a political strategy; and the experiential, including how we experience and move through space. By bringing people from diverse backgrounds together Oldfield Ford aims to offer new perspectives on how we feel and hear the city.


3.30pm: Arrival
4pm: Introduction by Laura Oldfield Ford and listening contributions
5pm: Break
5.30pm: Listening contributions
6.30pm: Discussion
7–8pm: Drinks and DJ sets by Majed Aslam and Jack Latham

Robin Hood Gardens compulsory purchase order

Mediating Environments – The Network

John Wild - The NetworkNetwork: is a plurality of (organic and artificial) beings, of humans and machines who perform common actions thanks to procedures that make possible their interconnection and interoperation’? (Berardi, 2011)

The network has become central to our experience of the world, its tentacles reaching into every area of life. Linking together machine to machine, people to machines and people to people through giant invisible networks of information; a technical infrastructure of cables that feeds an invisible infrastructure of wireless signals.

As part of the mediating environments exhibition John Wild  will be transforming the gallery space into a dysfunctional network of devices, creating an invisible geography of wireless communications, as devices try and fail to establish contact, calling out to each other through unanswered electromagnetic signals.

This network of electromagnetic communications will be made knowable to visitors to the show through a hand held receiver that makes the invisible geography audible.

On the opening night John Wild will carry out a live electromagnetic audio drift of the gallery. Making use of electromagnetic induction coils and a broad spectrum RF receiver he will allow himself to be guided by the intensities, textures, and ambiances of the site’s electromagnetic transmissions, materialising the invisible architecture of the ‘The Network’.

John Wild - The Network

Mediating Environments

The world beyond the confines of our body is intimately connected to our actions – as much cultural artefact as something wild and other, ‘out there’ – nature and techne vitally expressed through our lives and creations. We continually feed into and are moulded by an interminable flux of co-creative relationships and cycles, reflexive actors who fall in and out of sync with innumerable collectives and circumstances. How we perceive these complex ecologies and the meanings we derive from what we do within them, frames our worldview, subtly affecting how we are subsumed by social fields and evolutionary flows. In this time of accelerating change and spiritual transformation can we come to terms with our uncertain predicament? How to navigate the indescribable, manifold environments in which we are embedded?

Matthew Bourree | Paula Deji | John Wild

Opens Thursday 3rd November 6-9pm with a live performance by John Wild at 7.30pm.

Exhibition continues until Wednesday 23 November
Catalyst Arts Gallery
5 College Court
Belfast BT1 6BS

Silicon Roundabout

Screening of Cleansing the Silicon Roundabout

Depford Cinima

Sunday 8th May

Between 7pm – 7:45pm

Part of: Out of the Rubble – an evening of short films, discussion and debate about the future of public space in Deptford.

As works begin on transforming Old Street roundabout we thought it was worth returning to this documentary produced in 2013 as a response to the now scaled back redevelopment originally proposed by David Cameron and Boris Jonson.

Film by: Chris Jack, Sasha Scott, and John Wild. Featuring performance by Robin Bale





Even Salon: Either/Or 

In Either/Or the principle of exclusivity undergoes détournement by a diverse range of invited participants. Either celebrate its brutal 2-state logic cutting across a stacked earth, or contest such sovereignty in precipitating each uncanny flip or flop glimpsed struggling against its slitted foreclosure. KISS!! In an evening of unemployable expenditure, from the trauma of the binary to its ontic co-constituency, Either/Or includes talks and performances by:

± Annabelle Stapleton-Crittenden
± Claude Heiland-Allen
± Daniel Rourke
± David Cunningham
± Jahan Nazeer
± Jamka
± Jennifer Boyd
± JeongEun Park
± Mari Ohno
± Ryo Ikeshiro
± Stephen Cornford

April 30th 2016
Doors open 7:30pm (’til late!)
Tickets £3
Apiary Studios, Hackney.

Full lineup details:
Apiary Studios:

The Hauntology of Technical Objects :: Hackney Séance

<< The Hauntology of Technical objects :: Hackney Séance >>

Date :: 26 April 2016

Time :: 10 pm

Meet  :: Bohemia Place, Hackney (Map)

Cities are haunted by ghosts. Past events linger within space. The subterranean Hackney Brook follows the path of the railway bridge as it flows under Mare Street. Bohemia Place, a small row of railway arches running to its left was the landing site of a second world war parachute mine, leaving a scar on the landscape that continues to effect the present.

Ghosts and spectres fascinated Friedrich Kittler.  He perceived electricity’s displacement of the dead from the book and into technically reproducible media. He found them within the disembodied voices of the radio broadcasts and made the claim that ghosts, a.k.a. media, cannot die at all (Kittler, 1999, p.130). Donna Haraway was aware that, Pre-cybernetic machines could be haunted; there was always the spectre of the ghost in the machine. This dualism structured the dialogue between materialism and idealism that was settled by a dialectical progeny, called spirit or history, according to taste. (Haraway, 1991, p.152). Kittler’s invoking of ghosts is coupled with his construction of comprehensive media genealogies that link contemporary technologies to a technological a priori, often rooted within in the battlefields of world war n+1, but making its presence known in the technological everyday of the present. The spectres in Kittler’s genealogies are not those of humans; they are autonomous technological spectres that form their own anti-humanist hauntings.

Join us for a séance that ritualistically linked the site of a second world war bomb, the intersection of the underground Hackney Brook and the railway bridge passing over Mare Street and the technological ghosts haunting the Oystercard readers at Hackney train station.

Travelodge Easter Mass

CODED GEOMETRY :: Travelodge Easter Mass

[Read as PDF]

Circumstances too complicated to explain lead to me waking on Easter Sunday alone in a Travelodge on the outskirts of Milton Keynes.

A minimalist single room with eggshell blue walls, an open hanging rail for clothes, a desk supporting a kettle with a collection of individually packaged teas and coffees, and a single bed positioned to face a 65” wall mounted flat screen TV.

The windows looked out onto a Motorway intersection leaving me with no illusion; I was nowhere, marooned, with a constant flow of vehicles passing, moving between places with the vindictive aim of emphasising my predicament. Even Easter Sunday hadn’t altered the relentless flow all heading elsewhere.

Recognising that I would not be able to continue my journey until the morning I switched on the TV. A fault with the hotel’s satellite receiver had rendered all the channels blank with the exception of one that was receiving a disrupted signal.

CODED GEOMETRY :: Travelodge Easter Mass

Competing images overlaid each other: sections disintegrating into psychedelic digital interference. The channel was undecipherable in any conventional sense, yet somehow compelling.

Broken fragments of religious iconography, a cross in the centre, a close up of burning candles, the outline of a figure in ceremonial robes, features morphing in a process of RGB fractal degeneration, geometric disturbances punctured organic forms and revealed a gathered congregation.

Fragmented Images obscured the reading of a coherent totality, yet the interference reconstituted pieces into alluring sequences, producing a new whole, possibly a new religion.

CODED GEOMETRY :: Travelodge Easter Mass

A jolly earcon, Popcorn I think, distracted my attention from the screen and towards my phone. Breaking news,

‘Pakistani Taliban faction Jamaat ul-Ahrar says Christians were target of bomb that killed 72 and injured 280 in a park thronged with families… The bomber blew himself up near an entrance to Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, close to a children’s play area. The sound of the explosion was heard several kilometres away and eyewitnesses said there were big crowds in the area because of the Easter holiday’.

CODED GEOMETRY :: Travelodge Easter Mass

Religion has re-immerged as a significant political force in the era of mass digital communications. Even factions of the British working class have not been immune, with football hooligans mobilised, imagining themselves as modern day crusaders, picking up the standard of St. George, declaring themselves Infidels, or invoking the Bible to put Britain first.

Violent street armies gather in Dover to defend Christian values by closing the borders.  Islam is at the forefront of the hatred, but speeches bring to the fore older antagonisms; Irish Catholics. Chants of No Surrender. A swastika daubed in blood.

CODED GEOMETRY :: Travelodge Easter Mass

The images continue to reconstitute themselves, a constant stream of becoming punctured sporadically by stuttering metallic tourettes audio outbursts.


CODED GEOMETRY :: Dark Side of the Earth

CODED GEOMETRY will collaborate in an experiment with the Indigo Mind Project.  A brain-computer interface that reads fluctuating electro-encephalograph (EEG) signals and maps them to compose a multilayered soundscape.

CODED GEOMETRY will explore nonlinear neuro-feedback and affective responses through a complex circuit of interchange, both responding to the soundscape being produced by the participants psycho-physiological state but also by affecting the participants psycho-physiological state through the projected images of a live digital drift through the glitchy, militarised and contested space of GIS satellite imaging.

The experiment will take place on Wednesday 23rd March from 6pm -8pm

Emotion lab,
Docklands Campus,
University of East London

Part of: Affect and Social Media Symposium & Sensorium exhibition.