John Wild


The Olympics are a transitory phenomenon - a short-lived occurrence imposing castle-like structures and stretching Time over a period of three weeks with an almost infinite collection of mediatic loops. But the legacy of this transitory state is permanent on the cityscape while its mediatic and political culminations will be repeated in four years time somewhere else. The Games do not belong to any nation states. They amplify power. They boost the flux. The stadium is an ellipse of power and its body a gigantic coil. It is as if the Temple was rebuilt every four years since its last destruction in 70 AD. There is also a profound difficulty in voicing any discontent or noise around the Zone of Influence carved out by the heavily securitised Temple -  YOU COULD BE HEXED.


Digital Decomposition of 10 Ruston Close

An image of 10 Rushton Close - a house buried by traumatic events - is decomposing. Over a period of 3 weeks a photograph of 10 Ruston Close, formally 10 Rillington Place, will be both projected at Great Western Studios and available online at Each time the image is viewed, either online or within the space, a single pixel will be destroyed and it will be recompressed in the jpeg format causing the image to decompose.

Read more... was an installation presented at [brutalizer] on 30.10.2010. The installation consisted of a large screen and an arcade joystick mounted on an illuminated Perspex plinth. Projected on the screen was a scrolling database dump stolen from an intimate dating website. The data scrolled up the screen at a speed that allowed some words to be picked out but was too fast to comfortably read the whole text. The Joystick allowed viewers to slow down and read the personal data.