John Wild

Bawdesy: A Hauntology of Technical Objects

14:00 - 22:30

Sunday 22nd April 2018

The Loft, McGintys, 15 Northgate St, Ipswich IP1 3BY

At NOISE=NOISE :: N-RESPONSE John Wild will perform a live mix of field recordings of radar and other electromagnetic transmissions recorded around Bawdesy and on a boat trip up the River Alde, Suffolk.


They communicate with ghosts to give birth to an already dead future

They communicate with ghosts to give birth to an already dead future”, is a sound composition constructed from Electro Magnetic field recordings carried out by John Wild within the Museum of London’s Osteology Store, at the site of Smithfield Market, and on drifts through the changing landscape of London.


Are You Ready?


Saturday 17 June 2017

Museum of London (The terrace rooms)

An evening of readings and sound works at the Museum of London With guest performances from Travis Elborough, Kayo Chingonyi and John Wild, this event will explore questions of memory, place and movement as the museum prepares to move to its new home in West Smithfields.


Alpha, Isis, Eden : Listening event

3:30 - 8:00 pm

Saturday 4 March 2017,

The Showroom 63 Penfold Street London NW8 8PQ

John Wild will present two sound compositions from the CODED GEOMETRY archive as part of the Alpha, Isis, Eden exhibition at The Showroom Gallery.


The Network

As part of the mediating environments exhibition, John Wild will be transforming the gallery space into a dysfunctional network of devices, creating an invisible geography of wireless communications, as devices try and fail to establish contact, calling out to each other through unanswered electromagnetic signals.


Mediating Environments

Opens Thursday 3rd November 6-9pm. Exhibition continues until Wednesday 23 November

John Wild will be performing at 7.30pm on the opening night

The world beyond the confines of our body is intimately connected to our actions – as much cultural artefact as something wild and other, ‘out there’ – nature and techne vitally expressed through our lives and creations. We continually feed into and are moulded by an interminable flux of co-creative relationships and cycles, reflexive actors who fall in and out of sync with innumerable collectives and circumstances. How we perceive these complex ecologies and the meanings we derive from what we do within them, frames our worldview, subtly affecting how we are subsumed by social fields and evolutionary flows. In this time of accelerating change and spiritual transformation can we come to terms with our uncertain predicament? How to navigate the indescribable, manifold environments in which we are embedded?


Even Salon: Either/Or 

April 30th 2016 7:30 pm (’til late!)

Apiary Studios, Hackney.

In Either/Or the principle of exclusivity undergoes détournement by a diverse range of invited participants. Either celebrate its brutal 2-state logic cutting across a stacked earth, or contest such sovereignty in precipitating each uncanny flip or flop glimpsed struggling against its slitted foreclosure. KISS!! In an evening of unemployable expenditure, from the trauma of the binary to its ontic co-constituency, Either/Or includes talks and performances


Travelodge Easter Mass

Competing images overlaid each other: sections disintegrating into psychedelic digital interference. The channel was undecipherable in any conventional sense, yet somehow compelling. Broken fragments of religious iconography, a cross in the centre, a close up of burning candles, the outline of a figure in ceremonial robes, features morphing in a process of RGB fractal degeneration, geometric disturbances punctured organic forms and revealed a gathered congregation. Fragmented Images obscured the reading of a coherent totality, yet the interference reconstituted pieces into alluring sequences, producing a new whole, possibly a new religion.


Seeing Like an Estate

We drifted estates with our AV receiver auto scanning frequencies, hacking signals from CCTV, punctuating our walk with fugitive images of usually inaccessible viewpoints in an attempt to see like an estate.



“Robin Hood Gardens – ANTI-GENTRIFICATION GHOST DANCE’, was constructed from field recordings of electromagnetic emissions, recorded on a drift around Robin Hood Gardens as compulsory purchase orders were being enforced, slowly clearing the estate. This recording represents a brutalist record of one moment in the ongoing clearances hallucinated as an insurrectionary carnival of resistance.


‘the psychogeographical games’ Limehouse

This text explores the marginal historys and psychogeographical activities of a small area of East London. The junction of Commercial Road and Burdett Road, and three adjacent buildings which radiate a magnetic force throughout contemporary London Psychogeography; St Annes Limehouse, Limehouse Town Hall and the Sailors’ Mission.


Cleansing The Silicon Roundabout

A film by: Chris Jack, Sasha Scott, and John Wild. Featuring performance by Robin Bale.


Designer Biometric Data for Sale

At Internet Yami-Ichi, designer biometric data will be for sale in the form of silver fingerprint casts. Each fingerprint can be used to create wearable alternatives to your own fingerprint data.


Network Noise Drift

Form May to the end of August 2013 John Wild worked with Tatiana Bazzichelli, at transmediale, on a project to map the reSource network of independent technology based art/hacker spaces in the city of Berlin. The mapping project rapidly developed a Schizoid split between a practical Cartesian rationalism and a Psychogeographic abstraction that was resolved by the development of two distinct approaches to mapping the network.